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While new home design and construction have their own challenges, ON Design also has an extensive portfolio of remodeled homes which often present even greater problems to solve.  It is a source of pride that ON Design has had the opportunity to breathe new life into some of the most distressed and neglected homes in Santa Fe, re-vitalizing both the properties themselves and importantly adding significant value to the neighborhoods they are part of.



Unit Main kit_1.jpg

610 Galisteo St., 'Unit Main'

Working within the Santa Fe City Historic Districts has given ON Design unmatched expertise and success in solving difficult technical and regulatory challenges which can often constrain design goals.

Unit A_1.jpg

610 Galisteo St., 'Unit A'

This unfortunate 60's era addition to the main house had a collapsed roof and gaping holes in walls where the original adobes had washed completely away.  It was meticulously restored and turned into a separate unit

casita 2.jpg

610 Galisteo St., 'Unit B'

This separate Casita was carefully revived, incorporating new 'Diamond Finish' plaster and weathered brick floors over a new radiant heat system, along with careful removal and relocation of interior walls to optimize the floor plan, critical when dealing with a small building footprint








"Architecture is basically a container of something.  I hope they will enjoy not so much the teacup, but the tea"

                                                                                                                                       Yoshi Taniguchi