About design

I am an artist first, then a designer.  Design encompasses all of the built environment and elements within it, and my artistic impulses inform my environmental designs and well as the "hang on the wall" and other forms of my visual, "2d" art.

Since my life experience includes decades of practice in building, landscaping, interior, lighting and water elements, my focus is not on architecture only, but all aspects of a designed environment.

Architecture has been called 'frozen music'...  While the structures themselves may be for the most part static, hence 'frozen', architecture is actually all about movement, the motions of light as day progresses into night, our own physical moving in and through our own spaces.  There is a rhythm and progression involved, those things nurtured or hampered by the quality of the designed spaces in which these activities occur.

Harmony and balance, point and counter-point, scale and proportion, contrast, light and dark-these are the true building blocks of environmental design- stone, wood, glass, steel and fabric are only many of the materials we use to make concrete those abstract qualities that are the essence of architecture

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls"    Pablo Picasso